Participatory planning is the key to transformational success. In order to celebrate change all stakeholders need to be party. This is especially true when the goal is to enable and deploy interoperability across and enterprise or a community. Technology is but a small part of the overall solution set. SIMI planning services convent the rich diversity of potential participants, engage them as a members of the collaborative process, set expectations for success and prioritize efforts.


Participatory design continues the planning process actively involving all participants in designing their own interoperable solution sets. In many cases this includes multiple divisions within an organization that compete for resources, redefining the true customer, and even working with the wider public and community. Recognizing that expertise is spread across stakeholders, having a common design object ensures the end product or outcomes of the design meets the actual needs of the wider group of stakeholders.


Participatory implementation culminates the process with each stakeholder seeking to ensure success at all levels. Embracing change, with the ability to rapidly adapt to real-world implementation challenges, empowers the entire organization to focus on the goals and objectives. Building on the Participatory Planning and Participatory Design all stakeholders have a collaborative awareness that enables rapid modifications without been trapped within the confines of traditional, top-down, pre-determined management constructs.