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The SIMI Group, Inc.

SIMI is a Consultation Firm and Managed Service Provider delivering breakthrough Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to address clinical, disaster, population and public health needs. SIMI innovative solutions and designs are used by healthcare, public health and professionals to improve data quality, lower costs and make better-informed decisions. SIMI reduces the cost and burden on healthcare to report to public health agencies for statutory and HITECH Meaningful Use. Population and Public health initiatives benefit from higher quality and timely data with the ability to combine Social Determinants of Health and other data of interest. New population health insights are now a reality with rich, de-identified data analytics, visualizations and modeling. Legacy systems are sustained with data that is more consistent and manageable.

SIMI solutions, platforms, exchanges and partnerships are accelerating the transformation from healthcare to health with a rich set of tools hosted in Microsoft Azure Government and Microsoft Azure Commercial. This is especially important in the rapidly changing world of healthcare delivery, industry consolidation, government requirements and the evolution of health information exchange organizations.


(July 2018) SIMI expands its Microsoft Azure Government and Commercial offerings to support data interoperability spanning clinical, preparedness, response, population and public health sectors.

(September 2018) SIMI extends BIO-Analytix™ with Intelesense Inteleview integration to provide near real-time analytics and new spatio-temporal visualizations.

“Empowering people to make better informed health decisions”